CRUNCH!!! I thought I was dead. So many emotions were going through my body at once. Then I saw it, it was my mates and they were having a party inside the big dog. 6 minutes after parting i saw a elephant in a corner so i went over there to join him then the elephant gave his speech, “I’ve been stuck down here for about 6 years how long did you stay here?” He said in a crazy voice. I started to walk back slowly then he charged at me, knocking me to the ground, i got up then hid from him in a corner. He was crazy!

One thought on “THE HYBRID PART 2

  1. What an interesting opening Jayden, one which immediately draws the reader in and prods their imagination into action. Questions begin to spring to mind such as what caused the ‘crunch?’ Who is narrating the story? Where were the ’emotions’ coming from?
    I was also a little curious about the party ‘inside the big dog’ and wondered if you could say a little more about that – I guess it’s not a real dog?
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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