May 22

the raccoon

In my mum’s car vroom vroom, listening to the box, I was flawless at the words. I could see other kids playing basketball but in the corner of my eye i noticed that their was a raccoon that was sneaking up on the kids. I need to save them, i opened the door then ran out. My phone flew into the sky. As i caught my phone i heared a big crashing noise I looked back there he was the raccoon was demolishing there basketball hoop the i threw the chair and it hit my little toe, and that the most humiliating thing ever.

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1 thoughts on “the raccoon

  1. Mrs Pratt

    Hi Jayden,

    Good job integrating the prompt words this week, I laughed at the idea of your main character trying to save the kids, only to be humiliated in a good example of physical comedy.

    My wish for you is to think deeply about the meaning of the words you are using, as the use of the adjective “flawless” in your first sentence does not make sense.

    Keep up your great efforts!


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